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Product Information

All RELX devices are not waterproof.
RELX devices are easy to maintain. To clean the charge contacts and inside the RELX device, use a dry or slightly moistened cotton bud.
No buttons are required to turn on your RELX device, simply inhale from the mouthpiece. Once you have inserted a RELX pod into your RELX device, you are ready for a unique experience.

Shipping & Receiving

Please feel free to contact our official customer service by sending an email to support@relxintl.com. We may ask you to provide pictures or videos when contacting the customer service so that they can understand your problem faster and help you solve it in time. 
Visit our Store Locator to find an authorized retailer near you. Due to the regulated nature of our industry, we encourage customers only to purchase our products from authorized retailers.
If an incorrect phone number or zip code was entered, then the package may be marked as "return to sender" and returned to our warehouse. Please double-check that your address is accurate for future orders.

Payment & Safety

We reserve the right to cancel your order and refund the original account if we detect one of the following vialations before the goods are shipped out or signed for:

Ordered products exceed the purchase limit with the same account.

A single account does not violate the purchase restriction, but an individual is determined (through payment account, delivery address, IP address, contact number, or other methods) to be linked to numerous accounts which cumulatively violate the purchase restriction. 

RELX determines that the purchase was made through improper means or finds evidence that order was not made legally.  

Please be assured that we will not collect or store any of your payment information. 
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Warranty & Maintenance

-Pod Leakage

Step 1. Distinguish the colour of the liquid, pale yellow is e-liquid.

Step 2. The brown colour is condensate, it is recommended to clean and wipe the pod and device's inner side before use.


-Pod Burning Taste

Step 1. Please make sure to keep an upright posture when in use; lying or leaning will cause oil leakage.

Step 2. Make sure there is plenty of e-liquid left in the pod.

*There might be a slight burnt taste if the e-liquid is running low because there is not enough e-liquid in contact with the atomizer to be heated.

Step 3.Check whether there is any accumulation of condensate in the device. If there is, please wipe and clean the device's inner side and pod.

The shelf life of RELXPods is 1 year only when it is stored correctly and unopened. We recommend to finish the product 15 days after opening. 
For RELX Pixel, RELX Pod Pro and RELX Pod for Infinity/Essential, the shelf life is up to 18 months when stored unopened in a cool and dry place.
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